IZ.O - Morphing Granular Sampler

IZ.O - Morphing Granular Sampler

3 channel morphing granular sampler for NI Reaktor

-noise follower

-diffusion delay / verb

buggy as hell but some fun to be had!

7zip required to unpack!


Sun in Aquarius Sample Collection 1

Sun in Aquarius Sample Collection 1

The Pack Includes:

-Abandoned Sawmill Kit
-Analog Kicks Pack
-Analog Noise Toolkit
-Eurorack Basimilus Iteritas Kit
-Eurorack Modular Percussion Kit
-FM Blip Kit
-Korg VolcaFM Kit
-Metal Egg Beater Kit
-Ringarooma River Stones Kit
-Home made Spring Verb Kit

Free to use / abuse.


XeoFM Reaktor Groovebox

XeoFM Reaktor Groovebox

Artist: Sun In Aquarius

XeoFM is a Probability / Random Gate driven synth / groovebox, it contains:

- 2 Cells of FM percussive engines, with everything modulatable

- Dedicated Kick Synthesizer

- Fully Modulatable Reverb

-Dual Mode Step Sequencers Probability / Random Gates

-4 Modulation Sequencers

-4 LFO's

-Granular Delay Per Cell

+ Lots more.


Enig Samplepack

Enig Samplepack

Artist: Various

A collection of samples from Enig'matik artists and friends, artists include:


-Kalya Scintilla



-Sun In Aquarius




-Circuit Bent


-Dusty Fungus

-Bird Of Prey


-Access To Arasaka



-The Mollusk


-Mind Tree





-Fine Cut Bodies

-Flint Kids


-Ethno Tekh